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Jeep Auto Warranties

When reviewing our Jeep auto warranties be confident that you are getting the best auto warranty for the best price possible. Any of our Jeep extended auto warranties will cover your engine, transmission, transfer case, and drive axle at a minimum. Our premium and platinum Jeep warranties will cover virtually all mechanical and electrical components of your vehicle.

The Jeep auto warranties we provide are especially designed to protect our valued customers from the high costs of auto repairs. We offer only the most comprehensive Jeep auto warranties to the public. All of our Jeep auto warranties are fully insured by top rated insurance companies (A.M. Best Rating of "A+" Superior) that have billions of assets at the ready to promptly pay your claim.

Why Choose Paragon Insurance vs. RRG Warranty Advice

Our standards for the Jeep Auto Warranties we provide are higher than some other online after market warranty providers. Our Jeep auto warranties are of the highest quality and deliver substantial savings directly to consumers. Our plans are fully insured, offer nationwide protection and freedom of choice for repairs.

Our fast and friendly claims handling process is second to none. When average just isn't good enough, call Paragon Motor Club. No games, just great coverage - get a free, no obligation quote on a Jeep auto warranty today!

Paragon Motor Club offers the following Jeep Warranties:

Jeep Cherokee Auto Warranties
Jeep CJ Auto Warranties
Jeep CJ-7 Auto Warranties
Jeep Commanche Auto Warranties
Jeep Commander Auto Warranties
Jeep Compass Auto Warranties
Jeep Grand Cherokee Auto Warranties
Jeep Grand Wagoneer Auto Warranties
Jeep J10 Truck Auto Warranties
Jeep J20 Truck Auto Warranties
Jeep Liberty Auto Warranties
Jeep Patriot Auto Warranties
Jeep Scrambler Auto Warranties
Jeep Wagoneer Auto Warranties
Jeep Willis Auto Warranties
Jeep Wrangler Auto Warranties