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What Makes Paragon
Motor Club Different?

Fleet Management - Roadside Assistance

What about your company's vitally important business and fleet vehicles? Paragon Motor Club has two customizable roadside assistance coverage levels to choose from, Classic and Advantage, for your commercial vehicles.

In the event of a business vehicle breakdown, we know the most important factors are the safety of your employee and getting your vehicle back on the road quickly. Our services are dispatched through three state of the art facilities located in Florida, Georgia and Canada. Over 600,000 calls for assistance and service are handled each year through our network of over 30,000 qualified and rated service providers. We are committed and prepared to get your fleet vehicles back on the road quickly and safely.

Classic Roadside Fleet Plans


Advantage Roadside Fleet Plans

Optional Programs Include:

  • Fleet Tracking - Allows your company to track the location of the vehicles in a fleet.

What makes Paragon Motor Club Fleet Roadside Assistance plans different?

  • Customizable - Roadside benefits tailored to meet your specific needs.
  • Flexible - Can add or remove vehicles as your fleet changes.
  • Online Convenience - Access and review your account online.
  • Reduced Expenses - Reduced breakdown and lost production expense.
  • Employee Safety - Increase the safety of your staff while on the road.
  • Employee Benefits - Membership discounts for your employees and staff.
  • Easy Payment - Annual or multi-year billing.

Roadside Assistance is the most affordable way to protect your employees and business vehicles during a breakdown. It provides nationwide service with multiple benefits such as towing, flat tire assistance, battery jump start, fluid/fuel delivery, lock-out service, minor mechanical adjustments and additional services depending on the level of coverage (Classic or Advantage) you select. With a membership through Paragon Motor Club, you simply sign the receipt and drive away. We pay the bill and take care of everything else.

Our trained and inspected network of service providers is staffed through a stringent application process and continually ranked for response time, customer service, and accuracy of assistance. Day or night, wherever you are, Paragon Motor Club will deliver quality fleet roadside assistance quickly and efficiently.