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Tire & Wheel - Advantage Plans

Advantage Tire & Wheel Protection pays to have your damaged tires and/or wheels repaired as well, but with higher coverage limits.

Additionally, Advantage coverage provides for repair or replacement of wheels AND RIMS that are damaged due to a road hazard. Rim replacement is becoming harder to find. Expensive aluminum wheels and sport wheel packages have led many tire insurers to opt to repair damaged rims, but this is generally a bad practice...replacement is clearly the better option.

Advantage membership protects you with up to $20.00 per occurrence to repair your tire when you get a flat tire due to a road hazard.

If the tire is beyond repair you may replace the tire with a brand new one, up to $350 per occurrence. Also provides $350 for wheel replacement. Maximum benefit for membership term is $1400.

Road Hazard - Defined as objects and road conditions such as potholes, rocks, wood debris, metal parts, plastic or composition scraps, or any item causing tire damage other than normal wear and tear.

Important Notes - About buying and using your Tire & Wheel Road Hazard Protection plan.

  • Maximum Benefit - For Classic Plans, the maximum tire & wheel benefit reimbursed for the membership term is $600. Advantage maximum benefit increases to $1400 per term.
  • Per Vehicle Pricing - All Road Hazard plans are priced per vehicle, as many vehicles as you require.
  • Transferable Memberships - All Tire and/or Wheel Protection memberships are transferable when you sell your vehicle.

Tire and Wheel Road Hazard Protection can be purchased separately or in combination with your Roadside Assistance membership. It adds valuable road hazard protection on your automobile's tires and/or wheels.

Roadside Assistance is the most affordable way to protect you and your family during a breakdown. It provides nationwide service with multiple benefits such as towing, flat tire assistance, battery jump start, fluid/fuel delivery, lock-out service, minor mechanical adjustments and additional services depending on the level of coverage (Classic or Advantage) you select. With a membership through Paragon Motor Club, you simply sign the receipt and drive away. We pay the bill and take care of everything else.

All our roadside plans deliver security for you and your family on the automobiles within your household. Choose your desired level of protection and start enjoying Paragon Motor Club's membership benefits today!